Work Instructions

15 Pipes in trenches, culverts, tunnels

2 Substructure

23 Ground support, drainage

36 Stairways, elevator shafts
Precast stair flights

4 Roof

41 Roof frame
Prefab wooden roof trusses
Corrugated steel sheeting

42 Roof complements
SE-Sprutisolering på vindar

43 Roofing
Thermal insulating foam
Battening for roofing tiles
Roofing underlay with asphalt
Water repellent membrane
Roofing – concrete tiles
Roofing – brick tiles
Waterproof membrane
SE-Taktäckning med plåt
SE-Byte taktäckning takpannor
SE-Taktäckning sedum44 Roofing complements

47 Terraces, balconies
Bituminous waterproof membrane5 Facades

56 Balconies
6 Structure completion
66 Interior  fittings
SE-Räcken till invändiga trappor

7 Interior facing layers

74 Facing layers, ceiling and suspended ceiling
Suspended ceiling
75 Painting
Construction site
77 Fixtures and furnishings
Cabinets and furnishings

8 Installations

80 Compound
Prefabricated bathroom units

9 Site works

90 Compound
SE-Stoppa tjuven

91 Logistics, traffic
94 Machines & equipment
Equipment and tools
96 Skyddsanordningar
Environmental planning
97 Site operations, climate 
Winter preparations

0 Compound construction elements

00 Compound

03 Demolition walls and slabs
Demolition stomme
Demolition building parts

Please note that these work instructions are general information. When using them while work planning and preparation adjustment to the actual project has to be done.