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portal background

This portal for work instructions was originally developed in the context of the development project Workplace Wheelchair learning among others, was funded by grants from SBUF and Boverket. In this version, the number of work instructions more than doubled. Then, Building and Planning-construction costs forums and Construction Council funded the development of the project developed work instructions. AFA Försäkring who contributed to the development and review of personal security and safety issues. The project reference groups, among others, the following companies participated: Skanska, Peab, NCC, MVB, Byggcompagniet i Malmö, Rörläggaren, Bravida, Uponor, the Swedish Construction Federation and Hermods. Many construction companies have set construction projects available for development. Work instructions are used by many and periodically will wish for more.
Work Instructions Ai

To create the best possible conditions for a product assembled in the intended manner and must intended functions, this should be documented work instructions. Work Instructions have been developed to be used:
of supervisors at the instruction of the workplace staff ie on-site training
as a basis for preparing work,
the introduction of new materials, methods and equipment.

Development Potential
By documenting successful practices can building and construction companies take advantage of experiences and transfer them from one project to another. This avoids the construction of prototypes and the industrialization of construction facilitated. Our hope is that the work instructions according to this model will be produced by material suppliers in the introduction of new building and construction materials. The information is usually available at the workplace is aimed primarily at developers and purchasers, not to the staff at construction projects.

Partners of interest

The issue of the portal management and survival is not resolved in the current situation. The portal’s operation and maintenance are administered with more complete currently by Mats Persson, who is employed at Malmö University. For the concept to develop and to produce more work instructions Wanted contact with companies and trade associations, etc.